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Why I hate casinos

Here’s an interesting fact: there are no clocks in Las Vegas casinos.

Why’s this?                              

It’s because casinos are a psychological minefield…

Methodically designed to keep you inside to fork over your hard-earned buckaroos.

Whether it’s at a slot machine or table game, it’s easy to slip into a trance-like state chasing your dreams.

Before you know it, the hours blur together. Day melds into night and you completely lose track of time…

Until you check your wallet.

And realize you’re down $500 bucks in what felt like an instant.

The simple fact is this: the odds are rigged against you. The same thing is true with your business in today’s cutthroat competitive environment.

To be successful, you need to have someone in your corner who you can rely on. Someone who can plug in proven growth strategies and prevent you from making slip-ups.

While practically everyone else is playing checkers trying to grow their business…

The best play Monopoly…always build a hotel on Boardwalk, and always win.

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P.S. There’s no better bet than investing in yourself. It’s the only bet with a guaranteed return.

(I like those odds a little better than helping to make the casinos rich.) 

My coaching program is like playing with a ‘stacked deck’…

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