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Head trash kills your entrepreneurial mojo

This post has been a long time coming…

To be honest, I’m surprised how many “business gurus” ignore this. Since you’re someone I care about, I feel obligated to share this with you.

Anyway, here’s the scoop:

Let’s say a client named Rick comes to me…

Rick is 35 years old, a recent father and feels a lot of pressure to provide for his growing family. He works hard and runs a solid business, but he’s trapped in a rut.

His revenue and profits have flatlined over the past 3 years.

He’s frustrated and stuck and knows he’s capable of more.

Now, I could teach Rick the absolute best growth strategies…

Increase sales quickly through multiple customer attraction methods.

Plug in multiple new profit centers to radically increase revenue.

Systematically re-engineer his business for scalability and greater personal freedom.

But if Rick is missing this ONE element, none of it will mean anything…

What is it?


If Rick doesn’t truly belief he’s worthy of a better situation, he will continue to unknowingly self-sabotage himself.

The sad thing?

The struggles of people like Rick are all too common, and almost all of us have head trash of some kind. 

After some coaxing, these negative beliefs reveal themselves:

“I’m too old” …

“I’m not qualified for this” …

“I don’t have enough experience” …

One profound realization I had years ago was that the hidden psychological aspects of running a business are most critical of all.

if you don’t believe in yourself deep down in your heart, all the tactics in the world won’t help you.

My methods are very different from other business coaches you might encounter.

The truth is, I know that strategies and tactics alone won’t cut it.

That’s why I focus so heavily on helping my clients master the psychological aspects of running a successful business.

Because when you combine a bulletproof mental game with top-flight business growth strategies, it’s almost impossible to fail.  

If you’d like to work with me one-on-one, you can learn more here:

Since I invest so much time and energy into each client, I only work with a handful of clients at a time and am very selective about the people I work with.

If you’re like most of my clients, there’s a decent chance that belief in yourself is the one of the major things holding you back from getting to the next level in your life and business.

Whether you ever work with me personally or not, just know this:

I believe in you.

You are capable of great things. It’s time to play bigger and let the world see you for how truly awesome you are.

Reach for the stars and don’t settle.

You got this.

To Your Success,


P.S. If you’re interested in learning more about how to master the mental game, I highly recommend checking out the book “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz. It’s one of the most impactful books I’ve ever read.