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4 Little-Known Ways to Deliver World Class Customer Service and Create Raving Fans

When it comes to customer service, small hinges open big doors. I frequently share the below strategies with my clients…please don’t underestimate how effective these can be for your business.

I hope you put these into action to deliver a top-notch experience for your customers. It can make all the difference in today’s business environment.

Personally Follow Up After Each Sale With Customers
It always surprises me that so few businesses do this, as its surprisingly easy and can be used by businesses of any size. One way to have people know, like and trust you is to expend an extra bit of effort after each sale.
Here’s an example: after each sale, have someone in your business call each customer and check in regarding how they are liking the product or service.

Are they happy?

Do they have any questions?

Is there anything you can help them their experience?

Next, send a brief thank you letter to them a week later (real mail works better than email). This sort of communication creates raving customers who refer their friends and ultimately purchase more from you. Just from a bit of extra effort.

To have customers buy from you over time, you have to acknowledge their humanity and individuality. Your customers don’t want to be just another number or invoice. They want to know that that they matter to you as much as you matter to them. The more we can speak to them as individuals, the more they know that we care about them and will want to do business with us

Give Away Appreciation Bonuses to Customers
Consider offering an “appreciation bonus” to special customers that other people can’t access. You give them exclusive access or perks that others can’t get a hold of – it could be a special event, surprise product, financial incentives etc. This sort of technique does not require much in terms of investment but does wonders for customer satisfaction.

Informal “I Care Calls”
These are simply personal phone calls to your customers to check in and see how they are doing. You can ask about how your product/service is working for them, ask if they have any concerns, or just ask them how they are doing.

I think these calls work better being unscripted (since they come off more genuine) and I’d recommend using these with your top clients. The key is not to sell AT ALL on these calls, it’s simply to show them you care about them as a customer.

Increase Frequency of Communication
One of the top secrets to extending the life of a customer (and how often they purchase) is increasing the level of communication you have with them. To succeed in today’s business environment, it’s critical to create value and stay top of mind with your customers. Ideally, you’d offer a mix of value as well as special offers to keep them as a customer.

There are a wide variety of ways this can be done. The medium isn’t as important as the strategy but here are a handful of examples:

  • Email autoresponders
  • Online/offline newsletters
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Letters/Postcards
  • Mailing items of interest (could be anything – shirts, posters, widgets, etc.)
  • Customer Appreciation event (free event to recognize how much you value your customers)
  • Pick up phone to make personal calls

Here’s a brilliant example of customer service I recently saw in action from Chewy, the online pet store.

A man received a heartwarming note from a customer service rep after his dog passed away. This email probably only took 2 minutes but had an incredible impact….

Within 2 days, his post on LinkedIn received 22,501 likes and 1,030 comments. In a world where things can go viral within minutes, its even more reason for us to ensure our customers are treated with the utmost respect and care.