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3 Elvis Presley business lessons from beyond the grave

Lately I’ve been studying a true musical genius:

Elvis Presley.

There’s so much we can learn from him. Here are 3 lessons we can all bring to our businesses…

  • Perseverance

Elvis encountered hardships and adversity throughout his life. As a boy, he grew up within a poor family and was bullied throughout his childhood. He was a loner who didn’t have a dime to his name but made a commitment to improve his life situation.  

Later, when he first sung at the Grand Ole Opry he was given advice to quit, go back to Memphis and continue driving his truck. Even though it would have been the easy thing to do, he never let other professional singers persuade him to quit.  Elvis kept moving forward despite the negativity and hate.

To be successful in our own lives, we need to overcome obstacles and not allow ourselves to be crippled by them. Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves after a failure, we need to commit to pick ourselves back up and keep going. Success is ALWAYS on the other side of failure, no matter what the endeavor.

  • Always Be Yourself

Elvis never tried to be anyone besides himself. When he first got started in the music biz, a reporter asked him who he wanted to be like. His response? “No one!  I’m just trying to be myself.” 

Elvis was different.  He was not trying to imitate or be anyone else.  He was striving to be the best version of himself. Elvis brought together his own musical tastes and backgrounds – gospel, the blues, country and more. He created an entirely new category of music by being himself.

If you want people to be attracted to you and your ideas, be willing to be yourself. People are attracted to those who are real, genuine and authentic. None of us need to be perfect – just real. In my opinion, there is nothing more depressing than someone trying to be something they’re not. It’s often blatantly obvious as well. You’re best off being yourself, whatever the setting.  

  • Dreams Are on the Other Side of your Fears:

To achieve anything of significance, you need to be willing to step out of your tiny comfort zone and be willing to encounter your deepest fears and insecurities.

That’s exactly what Elvis did…

Being a shy boy growing up, he was terrified of performing in front of others. He had to overcome his fear to reach his dreams. He faced his fear and ultimately performed in front of millions of people. He became the “king of rock and roll” by overcoming what he was most scared of.

Elvis once said:

“I haven’t forgotten what stage fright is, I still feel it before every performance. I’ve just learned to not let it become a barrier for my dreams.”

We will constantly run into fear throughout our careers and personal lives, but we need to face it head on.

If we want to achieve anything great, we must be willing to step into the unknown and pursue our dreams.

Talk soon,