I'll help you increase revenue, find overlooked opportunities, and grow your bottom line


If you work with me and follow through on our action items, I guarantee your profits will increase (far more than what you pay me). If they don’t, you don’t pay a dime. 

Not only that, but I guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with the results. Either you’re 100% satisfied, or it costs you absolutely nothing. ​I'm willing to guarantee all of this in writing...

You won’t find this type of unbeatable guarantee with any other consultant.

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Do any of these descriptions describe you and your business? 

  • You feel overwhelmed and are not sure where to focus  
  • Your business is not growing as fast as you’d like it to
  • You feel stuck getting to the next level 
  • The business is not as profitable as you’d like it to be
  • You want to expand into new, booming markets
  • You feel like you’re working too hard and there are not enough hours in the day
  • Your business is no longer fulfilling

At some point, using the same old strategies and tactics won't work. That's where I come in. 

There's a good chance that you're reading this because you are looking for a way to grow your business faster, with less pain and frustration. So you can earn more while enjoying life...

If you’re looking for first-rate, customized business advice that’s tailored to your exact business, we may be a good fit. You’ll be apart of a select few that get access to me and my business growth ideas.

It’s critical for you to know that I operate differently than virtually every other business coach you’ll encounter.

For one, my guarantee is unheard of. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone out there willing to put themselves on the line like I am. There is no way I could make such a bold guarantee without having supreme confidence in what my strategies will deliver for you.

Secondly, most business coaches spout off generic “one size fits all” advice to everyone they work with. As you know, there’s no such thing as “one size fits all” in the business world. I become intimately familiar with my client’s businesses and deliver deeply personalized advice that will move the needle, regardless of market or niche.

Third, unlike many coaches, who can’t hack it in their own careers, I hold an MBA and rose to a Fortune 50 management role just six years out of college. 

My unique Profit Multiplier Method is a systematic framework designed to turbocharge the effectiveness of your business and earn you more money in less time. Each one of the six stages will allow us to dig deeper to pinpoint opportunities which will ramp up your revenues and bottom line. We start by implementing high leverage "quick win" areas with your existing customer base, then branch out into ramping up your lead generation efforts and monetizing potential profit centers.

I've designed the Profit Multiplier Method very specifically to take you through a series of transformations in your business, all through the power of incremental changes. The magic happens when these seemingly minor changes are stacked on top of each other, which can lead to geometric growth in your business. Along the way I'll keep you on track and help you break through any barriers you encounter as we work together to grow your business.

Before we continue, I need to let you know my coaching services are NOT for you, if:

  • You are not an action-taker and prefer to sit passively listening to podcasts, watching Shark Tank, and reading business books
  • You are unwilling to listen and apply the strategies I teach you
  • You are uncoachable, close-minded, and unwilling to partner with an advisor
  • You refuse to invest in yourself and your future
  • You think you already know it all and can’t benefit from someone who has learned from the best

But if you're willing to be coachable, open-minded, and are committed to taking action, we could be a good fit for each other... 

Here's What to Do Next

If you want real results rather than empty promises — and you’re willing to commit to working together for 12 months, then we should talk. I can't guarantee you'll get chosen, as I'm very selective about who I work with and can only take on a handful of clients at a time. But if you are, there's a good chance it could transform your business.

If this sounds interesting to you, click the link below to apply for a Profit Growth Consultation. As mentioned, you have no risk either way. You win no matter what.

How My Coaching Works

You’ll start by filling out the brief application linked on this page. If I think it makes sense, we’ll schedule a free, no obligation Profit Growth Consultation to discuss your business, goals, and evaluate if we’re a solid fit for each other.

If you move forward as a client, we’ll instantly hit the ground running and I’ll treat the success of your business like my own. I’ll dig into every facet of your business and work with you to deliver a completely tailored action plan. I'll be with you every step of the way as we maximize the chance of your success. I take the success of my clients very seriously, and my goal is to deliver a return on investment of at least 5 - 10X what you pay me.  

About Jack

Jack Petry is a business coach and strategist who helps small business owners grow faster and more profitably, with less frustration. Jack works with clients to apply his Profit Multiplier Method, a system designed to maximize existing customer value, multiply lead generation sources, monetize hidden assets, and optimize business operations. Jack has an Economics degree from the University of Connecticut and an MBA from the University of Hartford.

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